10 Best Trad Albums of 2021

“a group that can rock on the dance floor as easily as the concert hall.” – Devon Léger

Premiere of Road From Winchester Video

“…a compelling blend of traditional music virtuosity and driving dancehall rhythms alongside progressive instrumentation and improvisation” – Kara Kundert

Premiere of Road From Winchester Video

“Plenty of musical acts claim to have an unclassifiable sound. Few come as close as the Faux Paws…” – Don Thrasher

Tahoe on Stage: Review of The Faux Paws

“Imaginative instrumentals are interspersed among the inspiring vocal tunes, each and every one taking on a persona, and compelling the listener to stay until the end. There is nothing artificial, nothing embarrassing or tactless for miles around this music. This trio obviously loves what it’s doing, and is expert at it. The Faux Paws play fresh, fully realized, head, heart and hand-made rhythm and groove music of the highest order.”

Grateful Web: Review of The Faux Paws

“It’s got all the clever charm of an indie rom-com…the makings of some soundtrack moments for anyone who hears it. The writing is fantastic. Nickel Creek vibes, obviously. I highly recommend you give The Faux Paws a spin.” – June Reedy

Premiere of Single: She’s Not Looking for You

“There’s a freshness and warmth to their sound that’s impossible to resist.” – Folk Radio UK

Americana Highways: Review of The Faux Paws

“An 11-track extravaganza of sound. Well-paced, thought-out & offers delectable musical interplay. These are musicians par excellence…this CD is set on replay. The music affirms itself.” – Americana Highways

Bandcamp New and Notable – September 2021

A fresh, constantly-evolving vision on Americana from the trio, weaving together bluegrass, roots music, and pop rock. – Bandcamp.com

Red Line Roots: Show You Should Know

A truly unique ensemble with such style, flair and soul that it’ll make you do a double take. – Brian Carroll, Red Line Roots 

Glide Magazine Review of The Faux Paws

“This is an unpredictable album. It is pretty firmly rooted in folk and jazz, but you never really know what’s coming next. It could be bluegrass. It could be hot jazz. Or some combination of the two. The unpredictability is what makes this album enjoyable. Well, that and the fact that these songs will have you looking for a dance partner.” – Gary Schwind

No Depression Review of The Faux Paws

“There’s so much that’s straightforwardly eccentric about The Faux Paws on paper that the contrast between sounds and sensibilities relaxes into a logical whole. The three have carved out a unique character in a genre where distinguishing oneself is a surprisingly difficult task. Considerable musical talent…they’re undoubtedly good. Whatever first impression the trio makes on paper, they make a better one with this record.” – Andy Crump

Premiere of Single: Guacmaster

“[The Faux Paws] play an interesting mix of bluegrass and folk music, with elements of jazz and other roots music styles thrown in…[‘Guacmaster’] launches as a tasty mandolin number before Miller’s sax leads the guys off in a different direction. An amusing and clever take on the fiddle tune tradition.” – Bluegrass Today

Best New Music, June 2021

“three beardy dudes…but there’s a twist! ” – CountryTracks.com

Premiere of Single: Fourth Decade